Women Gather


Creating community deepens connection.

We are a community of women who see and feel the world around us. We feel the dissonance and divide of our colonial culture and actively join together to explore what it means to belong to country and respect the Original people of this country.

This space was created out of a great discomfort in acknowledging that we live our lives on stolen land with deeply imbedded trauma. We don’t shy away from this, and in this sharing we heal and return to our womanly nature. In acknowledging the unspoken, we stand strongly together.

You are invited to gather with us

Earth Circles

Women’s gatherings

Earthdance ceremonies for women

Online space to connect in the ethers

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Earth Circles

A women’s circle to deepen our connection

Earth Circles is a monthly women’s circle that brings together women who are open to exploring the complexities of our times. As a woman on these lands, how can we nurture nature and community in respect to original people and culture.

We are a community of women who are committed to caring for country and our human community. We offer each other nurturing support through a listening open presence.

We acknowledge these circles are held on Wurundjeri lands. This is a part of our conversation, what does it mean to be a woman living on land that is severely impacted by genocide and ecocide.

*circles will be online until we can lawfully meet again.

Would you like to join an Earth Circle?

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Kimberley Connection – Women’s Gathering

“Reigniting the way of the feminine”

August 1st-6th, 2021 ~ Kununurra, WA

Are you called to the top end, to the warmth, the water and the rugged rocky landscape?

The Kimberly is ancient, remote and wild. With cascading waterfalls, dramatic gorges and wide rivers. In this place, you can’t help but be inspired by the beauty and power of nature, a reflection of our own nature as women.

You are invited to gather with us for six days in the wild beauty of the East Kimberley’s. With Indigenous story, circle and nature adventures, you will remember your connection. When women are connected and supported by tribe, we have a greater capacity to return to our innate nature, our feminine wisdom and our power. The elements of fire and water are strong in this country, this land supports our journey more than anything. You will have ample time for quite self-reflection, to find your own connection to the land and to be inspired into deeper listening, of self, land and community.

Experiences from the Women

“I’ll be taking home a deeper unified connection to women as a whole and a richer understanding of Indigenous culture and the role I can play in supporting its continued growth within this country. 
There is a lot that has shifted within me from being in the land of fire and water. It’s taught me a lot just by being in it. I’m still processing it and I’m sure I’ll be coming to different insights and reflections as the days, months and years go on.
I felt so supported by the women here and its a feeling I’ll be carrying out into the work with me.
This has also helped me step more into my wild woman and embrace my feminine power.”
Megan Riley – Art Director
“This retreat has been so supportive for connecting with my feminine self and my Shamanic self in a deeper stronger way. I loved how much space was given for reflection and rest and enjoying moments of spontaneity and connection with the women on the retreat. I very much appreciated that free choice was granted for participating in activities. I love your gentle ways of facilitating Karla.
I received exactly what I needed to restore my body and deepen my connection with my intuitive flowing feminine self. There are so many nurturing self care practices that I will be taking with me.
I have received so many insights for myself and I am excited to be taking them with me to have a greater sense of self mastery in my business and my personal life.
I am very appreciative of Karla’s gentle and heartfelt style facilitating. It made the transformative moment feel effortless. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit some amazing places in nature.”
Simone Miller ~ Founder of Soul Nurturing, Kinesiologist & Shamanic Practitioner 
“Thank you so much Karla for creating this experience with so much love and holding the space with such strength and acceptance. 
I’ll take home with me a deeper connection and insight into myself, my connection with the land and others. 
As someone who is a little bit of a princess when it comes to camping – sleeping in a swag around the fire was such as special experience I will treasure! Thank you Karla for creating such a magical and transformational experience!”
Tash Hildebrand-Lockie ~ Facilitator of women’s circles, speaker, author 
“I highly recommend this gathering as a supportive space at transitional times. If you are going through major change or would like to create this, I encourage you to consider the gift of space this retreat affords for listening, hearing and presence to where you are in your journey.
This has been a rare opportunity for deep spiritual connection of which I have received. The space that you have welcomed us into is deeply supportive in it’s simplicity and is profoundly transformative in presence and listening. 
I am empowered, full, excited and nourished by this experience. The connections I have made with each woman, the land and myself are priceless. I am full of gratitude in receiving, thank you so much Karla, the group and the spirit of the land.”
Tjinta ~ Musician and Facilitator of women’s circle

“Ceremony is important to teach the natural law that was passed on at the beginning of time when the Earth was created. Anangu people remember how to look after the Earth. All of the Elders are holding on to this law and culture. We need to pass on this knowledge to the Earth now.”

– Senior lore holder, Anangu tribe

“Our power as women is in our ability to nurture life, to work collaboratively, intuitively and empathetically. It is this strength that humanity needs the most.” ~ Karla Riddell