Why are we not connected to our land and culture?

Why was I taught Japanese in my local primary school in western NSW, but not taught the local language of the indigenous clans?

Why could I only choose between Japanese and French in my high school in western QLD, but not given the option to choose to learn the local indigenous language?

Why does most of Australian land “belong” to white man and internationals, and not to our indigenous?

Why are all the most significant sacred sites around Australia named after white man in their language? What if sacred land could return to it’s original name in the native tongue just as Uluru did?

Why is it not illegal to mine the most sacred, treasured lands of Australia? Why were the local people taken off their country for miners to move in?

Isn’t it common knowledge that where there are minerals there is sacred land? That the highest treasured minerals of gold, silver and diamonds are the highest of significance and life force for not just the people but the whole of the natural ecosystem. Why is not understood that taking this life force will take from the life force of the local people… who now no longer have rites to live on their own land?

I discovered the significance of language and land on my five month journey into the central Australian desert and across Western Australia. Travelling past the most mined sites and the most sacred sites in Australia. This important knowledge was never passed on to me, never taught to me, I grew up ignorant to the most important truths of the very land I call home.

It is true… we are on stolen land… but that does not make us criminals… we are simply unaware and disconnected to our land and our people. We are uninitiated into our responsibilities to be living in harmony with our ecosystem.

I say… lets initiate our leaders to steward harmony! This is my dedication to restore life force for Australians.


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