The Power of Sensitivity

The Power of Sensitivity

Article #4: The Great Remembering

“To be sensitive is to be highly attuned to subtle energy.”  – Karla Riddell

Do you remember from my first article the Huna principle of Mana? All power comes from within, imagine if every person remembered this… helplessness, self-doubt and dis-empowerment would cease to exist. So how can we access this power within? Most simply, through our senses…

Sensitive, what does that actually mean? Are you a weaker human if you are sensitive? Let it be known that all that our culture mocks, is that which is feared the most, true power and difference. I am a sensitive one, and it was not until I discovered the power in my sensitivity that I truly began to step into my mana.

From a very small child, well baby really… I was highly sensitive. I still remember when I was at talking age feeling unable to speak. There were so many common words that I was meant to say to fit in and be understood, but there was something inside of me that I just could not speak these socially expected phrases. It was not my authentic way of expressing or communicating, and it seemed that to preserve my sensitivity and authenticity I needed to become that quiet, shy one.

Born in western Queensland, living in the country, my environment and connection to society was insular. Terrified of human interaction, confused by the way these humans interacted with each other and feeling incoherence in words and body language, things were tough. I felt people’s emotions deeply and when their words did not match their true feelings, it was confusing and troubling.

It took me 26 years of living with this confusion until I actually understood all of the information I was receiving, and, why I was so confused by human interaction. Alas, to all those who are sensitive, you behold a great power. This is what I have discovered…

To be sensitive is to be highly attuned to subtle energy, from the tone of someone’s voice, to the words used, and body language. Highly empathetic, you will feel people’s emotional state strongly. You might be highly emotional if you mistake others feelings as your own. Here are some ways to navigate and focus your abilities.

Feeling vs emotion

We feel through our body, from this feeling our mind interprets the feeling into an emotion. We choose to become the emotion in that moment, or to feel it and move through it, hence the word emotion actually is energy in motion.

Intuition vs mental process

Many old wisdom practices believe in a higher self, often referred to as our spirit or our soul. Through our senses we receive information from three different sources: the environment, another or self. Once we receive this information we choose to either intuit the information or mentalise the information. If you are in fight and flight or contracted, chances are you will mentalise and compare this situation to another situation you have had, and put it into a box based on past experiences. This is necessary in environments that are highly influenced by the mind or even created by the mind, such as at work, in hierarchical settings and with certain people.

This other sense of intuition requires a high sensitivity, which was necessary in the times before strict social structures, a time when people lived in harmony with earth, spirit and tribe. When we are in a state of intuitive process there is a deep knowing and resting in truth. It is a process of opening and a feeling of ease and peace. There is no process of comparing, judging or fear, it is simply a deep knowing that arises from within and resonates on a very deep level. When in this state you enter the timeless, a kind of metaphysical state… you are in the dreaming space where anything is possible. The more we can enter this state, the more we are able to not just receive deeper messages, but also transform our physical self.

May you reclaim your sensitivity and remember the power within.


~ I honour the traditional people of this land and my homeland. I write this with reverence and pure intention. I honour the custodians past, present and future and ask forgiveness if any information is misaligned to traditional belief systems.~


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