The Mother Country

The Mother Country

From the mother country human beings were birthed into existance. For thousands of years we lived in harmony and reverence for country and all of life. Knowledge was our greatest exchange, from this we evolved and advanced, still always in harmony with the mother.

Then, before the lands drifted a mission arose for the people. To venture to far away lands, to diversify and gain new knowledge. Many thousands of years passed, until the people and lands drifted so far away that they forgot their home country and their origins. They tried to return to the mother, but patriarchy and power became too strong, and instead they sought to destroy and conquer her.

In the darkest hours, new light arose. The wisdom keepers held a ceremony to connect the future generations back to the Earth, so that they could remember their belonging and reunite their people. The new ones coming into being held in their hearts a deep remembrance of their wisdom, and so humanity began to wake up again.

These young ones touched the hearts and minds of the people around them. Their vision was to reunite the people and remember their connection to their country. An impossible task weighed on their shoulders, but after many more thousands of years, harmony and reverence was finally restored. The people returned to their belonging to the Earth. They remembered the wisdom of their heart, humanity united.

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