The Ka Huna’s

The Ka Huna’s

Article #1: The Great Remembering 

The Ka Huna’s from the Polynesian Islands behold a great wisdom. In native tongue, Ka Huna means the keeper of the secret. They are all knowing and all seeing, capable of great power and healing. They do not speak of their power and ability, and they keep their wisdom secret, they keep it safe.

I am of white skin, European blood, born in western Queensland, in isolation. My survival in the west dependent on the land. I grew up walking barefoot in the burs, befriending the heat and the dry. Far from an islander upbringing, far from any ancient teaching… I grew up and followed my heart and spirit. I always seemed to be drawn to my greatest lessons and into my deepest wounds. I began my adult life as a paramedic, keen to master this challenge of human crisis, but something else beckoned me. This was not in medical journals, not even in science. There was a different kind of intelligence within me, it did not understand unmovable logic. It would be hidden from me until the day I began my journey with Ka Huna.

Kala, there are no limits. One of the seven Huna philosophies of the Polynesian wisdoms, suddenly my whole world made sense. The more I learned of this ancient wisdom, the more my intelligence activated. Before long I could identify what these intelligences were, marked by a deep sense of knowing, and feeling my environment I discovered the existence within me, spiritual intelligence. I would work with this ancient philosophy of the Ka Huna’s for seven more years before I deeply understood.

This is my understanding based on my direct experience: the secret is hidden, but accessible to all. It is hidden and it cannot be taught, it can only be experienced in one’s own life journey. It is encrypted in our DNA, deep within our bones, we know it, but it has been forgotten.

We are the creators of our own world. The world appears to be co-created, but each particle is simply a reflection of our own. The whole universe resides within us, we are not separate, we are already whole. The seven Huna principles (below) all point to this truth.


“The secret… it cannot be taught, it can only be experienced on this journey called life.”    Karla Riddell



~ I honour the traditional people of the Polynesian Islands and their sacred land. I write this with reverence with pure intention. I honour the Ka Huna’s past, present and future and ask forgiveness if any information is misaligned to traditional belief systems. ~


Part of this knowledge is from the following authors:

  • Hank Wesselman: The bowl of Light
  • Max Freedom Long: The Secret Science of Miracles
  • Serge Kahili King: Huna (Ancient Hawaiian secrets for modern living)


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