Sacred Storytelling

Sacred Storytelling




Sharing our stories and experiences that have left us changed forever.

~ Listen deeply and be deeply heard ~

We gather in ceremony to connect and share our wisdom, as our ancestors once did.


Our intention:
To acknowledge your transition, your initiation. In a world that has lost ritual and ceremony to mark significat life changes, the Young Shaman Foundation is on a mission to bring this back in a big way!

This special event is for anyone interested in traditional rites of passage and ritual in our everyday world. In ceremony we create a sacred space to come together, to honour our journey of initiations. These may be through travel, rituals, roles or traumatic events that have left us changed forever.

So come with your stories and be ready to listen to others with an open mind and open heart. I welcome you to join in community to honour our sacred journey, our sacred life.


What this looks like:
~ Opening space in ritual and honour
~ Karla inspires with her stories of traditional initiations and her journey of integration
~ In circle we welcome you in to speak of your personal experiences of transformation
~ We close the space and connect casually with tea and chai

 Next Event will be February (date TBA)
Venue: CERES, Crn Robert & Stewart st, Brunswick East

What people say about our workshops and rite of passage journeys:

“I feel a significant shift occurring in my life, urging me to transform into a truer version of myself to be more present and of service to my purpose.”

“I have taken away a beautiful experience of being heard, seen, energetically held and valued as an equal. I have also learned more personal tools to help me integrate and shift energy within myself in the future. I am very grateful.”

“This workshop was just what my spirit was calling for today. The journey was deeply moving, healing and empowering. I arrived with a frantic mind and shall depart with a peaceful heart. Karla create sacred, safe space where this transformation can occur. Thank you.”

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