These are the components of our rite of passage that are essential for integrated transformation.



Ceremony creates a sacred space for celebrating transitions in a meaningful way. Through fire rituals, creative expression and talking circles we honour our journey. Symbology is also used to allow for deeper levels of understanding that are beyond cognition. Through symbology we can experience the oneness of our existence, that all of life is connected.  


Wisdom and story

Dreamtime stories where passed down from generation to generation. These stories were rich in metaphor that spoke of the creation of the land and the lore of the land that ensured the people continued to live in harmony with nature. The wisdoms of these ancient practices are still relevant and needed in todays world. We can see the absence of reverence and compassion for nature and people in the world around us. We can see there is a wisdom that has been lost.

It is through the songlines that we carry on healthy culture and behaviour with reverence for all things living. It is through these stories and wisdoms that the natural order, or lore of the land is continued on for generations to sustain our ecosystem. In this natural order we intrinsically understand the consequences of our every action, and so, deep awareness arises. Within the transmition of these stories is the knowledge and tools of how we as people maintain harmony and balance within our eco-system. This harmony ensures the health, survival and thrival of our people and our planet.



The natural environment reflects and allows our natural state of being to arise. We are more connected to our physical bodies and more instinctual. In nature we are away from the noise, out of the every day routine and in a deeper state of stillness.



The challenge is the crucial core of the rite of passage, it supports us to be self-reliant and accountable. Deeply held, in nature, and having remembered practices to return to our natural state, we are better able to work through challenge with awareness and allow our intuition to lead.

The challenge is always relevant to environment. In cultures where physical survival was needed the rite of passage would be a test of endurance that ensured they would have the resilience and self-reliance to adapt to their harsh environment. The true challenge in todays society is one of presence and awareness. In a world of noise and complexity we are faced with a whole new threat to life. The environment of todays world is one of mental dominance and structure. It is now harder than ever to maintain our connection to environment and our natural state of being. The challenge within our rites of passage is one of mindfulness and stillness. In nature we leave behind the noise and return to a place of deep listening and earth connection.



In community we are supported and affirmed. In healthy communities we feel safe to be who we are and supported to transition into more of ourselves. We are witnessed as who we are and have our gifts reflected back to us. We are supported to safety transition through challenge and out of unhealthy patterns and beliefs. Healthy community gives us a deep sense of unity and the accountability and grace of service. 


Integration and ongoing support

The gifts of your passage come from within as all resources are self realised. Integration is natural. Everything learnt through this process is always available to us.

The journey does not end when you return home from your rite of passage. Many avenues exist to further nourish your evolutionary journey. Each year these rites of passage are held and open to returning partipants, or as we like to say, returning tribe. Our workshops, mentoring and embodied healing practices are also available to support you.