Rite of Passage Meet-up

Rite of Passage Meet-up

Collaborating in Community

This theme has been inspired in me through connecting with more and more people in our Melbourne community who are looking to deepen their work through a rite of passage process.
Our Intention
Creating community around rites of passage and initiation. Together we explore how to bring traditional initiations into a modern context.
Who is this for?
Anyone interested in supporting people through transformation.
I know there is more and more rites of passage immerging, each offering with it’s purpose and place. I believe there is power for the greater good when we work together in integrity.
What is the purpose?
We can cross promote, collaborate with ideas, share theory and best practice. This is big work, in ancient times it was the wise one’s and elders who would come together to initiate the young ones of the tribe. Now this is up to those who see, who feel, who know. Those who have self-initated in a world that has forgotten. Together we are stronger, wiser and more able.
Next meet-up will be 28th February at Abbotsford Convent, VIC
We meet at 6pm.

Follow our Rite of Passage network for more details on upcoming events: Rite of Passage Network РAustralia 

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