Return to Reverence

Return to Reverence

Where is the reverence…
We have forgotten, lost touch with the beauty of life. We have forgotten the wisdom of the trees, the songs of the birds, the nourishment of our plants. We have forgotten, lost touch with our ability to feel the world around us. No longer do we feel the Earth under our feet, or the air on our skin. We have forgotten that we belong to the land, we have forgotten our role as human beings, to foster and nurture life. To be caretakers and protectors of life, all of life.
The natural world now is urging us to remember, we feel it in our emotion, in our body. Humanity now yearning for the natural world once more. Our connection to country is the one thing that will bring life back… breathe life back into this Earth.
It is time now, to remember that the bird that flies above us has a spirit, that the plant beside us has a medicine. We need to remember that those streams are sacred, this land is sacred. Now is the time to remember our belonging and our connection to all things living. Now is the time to live a life of reverence, now is the time of THE GREAT REMEMBERING.

It is time to turn to our elders, the people of this land that carry the wisdom of a 100,000 year old culture. For this culture, the culture of this land, carries the key to connection, to unlock a deep remembering within us.

We gather now, at this time, so that we may return to reverence and respond to the needs of humanity, of Earth and of ourselves.

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