Reconnection Retreats

Women’s Leadership Gathering

“Reconnecting Women in business to the wisdom of the feminine to lead in a new way.”

Mullumbimby NSW, 7th-14th October 2019

Women in Business, you are invited to gather

The time has come, for women to lead as women.

You are invited to gather with indigenous elders, to listen and to learn their ways of connection. This is your opportunity to slow down in nature, to deeply listen and return to reverence. Nature and the ancient ways of our indigenous, teach us how to live and lead in a way that restores and sustains life. When we are deeply connected to our environment and our abilities as women, we become capable of creating impactful and sustainable change. In this gathering you will develop the skills of circular leadership, these are:


  • Deepening your ability to work INTUITIVELY and innovatively

  • Greater clarity when working COLLABARATIVELY

  • Depth of AWARENESS ~ self, others, environment and energetics (energy of self and others)

  • Cultivate your power and ability as a WOMAN

  • CREATE more connectivity within your workplace and in everyday life.


“When women connect deeply to nature we connect to our innate ability as women. We become deep listeners capable of intuitive, nurturing and restorative vision and action. This is the feminine way of living and leading in the world.”

Circular Leadership 

Circular leadership is based on deep listening, it has been practiced by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. This form of leadership is responsive to the needs of both the community and the environment, it is eco-centric. In our current environmental and human crisis, it has become critical that our actions as leaders are eco-centric.

Feminine leadership is also circular, it is regenerative and naturally innovative. It serves the whole ecosystem, rather than serving one purpose or one person. As a way of living it is deeply connecting and holistic.

Current day society is out of balance, disconnected to nature and the indigenous way. In the noise of business we as a nation have lost touch with the wisdom of the feminine. Nature and indigenous wisdom hold the key to unlock the nature of the feminine.

“Women hold the power of creating life and nurturing life, of instinct and intuition.”

The Journey Ahead

For six days you will be immersed in the natural beauty of the Byron Bay Hinterlands. We will have the honour of local elders sharing wisdom and story of their connection to the land. This is a 100,000 year old culture that teaches us the ways of deep listening, to sustain and support the whole ecosystem, land, people and all the generations to come.

This journey will also include:

Silent walks in nature and supported meditation

Learning the ways of indigenous ~ understanding their perspective, culture and abilities as deep listeners

Learning the ways of nature ~ experiencing nature from the inside out

Reconnecting to the wisdom of woman ~ through quiet reflection, meditation and circle

Creating your vision for the future based on deep listening

“Circular is feminine, it is how women work and lead naturally.” 


So, are you ready to learn the ways of nature, to listen to the ways of indigenous people and to live life sustainably?

Applications now open. Places are limited to 12 people.

Here are a few more things to consider:


These prices are all inclusive of your accommodation, food and transport from the airport.

Earlybird (ends 1stAugust) – $2100

Full – $2400

Full + sponsor another woman – $3100

* there are currently women waiting for sponsorship. We wish to be as inclusive as possible and as sustainable as possible. Your sponsorship is a real gift in getting these gatherings off the ground.

Sponsored position – $1600


YarraKoora, Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW


Tent style camping with all sleeping comforts included.

TRANSPORT: Fly in & out of Gold Coast Airport

Arrive by 1pm Monday 7thOctober

Return shuttle on the 12thOctober – Arriving at airport by 1pm

Driving up is also another option.

“Our power as women is in our ability to nurture life, to work collaboratively, intuitively and empathetically. It is this strength that humanity needs the most.” ~ Karla Riddell

Kimberly Connection – Womens Gathering

“Reigniting the way of the feminine”

Are you called to the top end, to the warmth, the water and the dramatic rocky landscape?

The Kimberly is ancient, remote and wild. With cascading waterfalls, dramatic gorges and wide rivers. In this place, you can’t help but be inspired by the beauty of nature, a reflection of our own nature as women.

This is a fully immersive experience, you sleep under the stars, adventure into stunning gorges and waterfalls and listen and learn from key Indigenous women who will share their culture and stories.

With plenty of time for self-reflection you will deepen your connection to this land and to yourself and you will learn from the oldest living culture in the world!


July 22nd-27th 2019, Kununarra WA

“Ceremony is important to teach the natural law that was passed on at the beginning of time when the Earth was created. Anangu people remember how to look after the Earth. All of the Elders are holding on to this law and culture. We need to pass on this knowledge to the Earth now.”

– Nelly Patterson (senior lore holder, Anangu tribe)

Indigenous people across this earth understand intrinsically their connection to the natural world. They nurture the land and their tribe to sustain healthy eco-systems. One with the land, connected to all of life. Always listening, always accountable and always harmonic for the greater good.

In our current global crisis it has become critical that we turn to the elders and custodians of the land, to learn their ways of connection. We need this connection to nature and natural lore to be healthy. It is time for our leaders to listen and respond to the needs of the whole eco-system, so that we maintain healthy people and a healthy environment for all the generations to come.

The indigenous people of this country maintained healthy eco-systems for over 100,000 years. It is time to listen and learn together.

“There is a wisdom that has been lost, a teaching as old as humanity. Without this wisdom, life cannot be sustained.”

– Karla Riddell (Founder of the Young Shaman Foundation)