Paramedic to Shaman ~ An autobiography

Paramedic to Shaman ~ An autobiography

Over the last decade I have been writing a book! This has been quite a big journey, as I have bared all. The reason I have shared my story in all of its colour and emotion… is because this is very much a human story. A story of how one person can live beyond their own limitations to become all they were born to be.


S Y N O P S I S 

A vivid and deeply emotional recollection of Paramedic life, Shamanic life and all the spaces between. This is Karla’s story of a shy country girl, to an Advanced Care Paramedic to a healer. A story that shows how pushing our limits in the human realm can lay the foundations for the spiritual work of a Shaman. It’s a gutsy recollection of the trauma that a paramedic can face and the extreme spiritual experiences that created Karla’s initiation into becoming a healer. In the end they require the same skills of mind and heart, a precision that is critical in both the role of a Paramedic and the role of a Shaman.


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