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The Foundation

This foundation exists to reconnect people back to nature, and back to their innate nature to live and lead authentically and compassionately. We support leaders, the Shamans and healers who courageously lead with instinct and empathy. Through nature connection, indigenous story, ancient wisdom and ceremony we give people the resources needed to listen and respond to the deeper needs of the whole ecosystem: people, nature, Earth. Through direct experience and process, people learn the qualities of circular leadership. They learn to lead in harmony with nature, organically giving rise to innovative, regenerative and sustainable ways of working that are based on deep listening.

So what is our story…

This foundation was first dreamed and inspired in 2012, by me, Karla. In the beginning this foundation existed to support young adults through rites of passage. In this time, I was listening and responding to the needs of our young people to become initiated into adulthood, to lead with their gifts in harmony with community and nature. Over time, it became clear to me that it was adults of all ages who were seeking this initiation.

My path of deep listening and trust brought me into the city, to connect with entrepreneurs and social innovators. I began to see the connection between Shamans and people leading social business. After some long and humbling foundation laying, the intention began to seed, and it was the women who were hearing the call. They sensed within this work a connection to their innate nature, to nurture life and lead differently.  In beautiful synchronicity I was invited to the Kimberley in 2018 to collaborate with local indigenous. From this our first gathering was seeded. The more I work within these realms, the more I come to see just how simple it all is. This work is based on the way of nature, it is ecocentric and deeply connective. Those who embark on the journey are given full power to be their own guide and facilitator. My role is simply to bring in all the elements that are needed for an initiation into circular leadership, a new way of leadership that is based on the lore of nature.

It is clear, that we are in a time where our impact on the environment is so extensive that our future generations may not have a healthy environment to live in. Without a healthy environment, we cannot be healthy people, we depend on the natural ecosystem, because we are a part of it.  We need to adopt eco-centric ways of living, and we need our leaders to show us the way! It is time to listen to our Indigenous people, to listen to the environment and to reawaken to our compassionate nature as human beings.

Autobiography by Karla

A vivid and deeply emotional recollection of Paramedic life, Shamanic life and all the spaces between. This is Karla’s story of a shy country girl, to an Advanced Care Paramedic to a healer. A story that shows how pushing our limits in the human realm can lay the foundations for the spiritual work of a Shaman. It’s a gutsy recollection of the trauma that a paramedic can face and the extreme spiritual experiences that created Karla’s initiation into becoming a healer. In the end they require the same skills of mind and heart, a precision that is critical in both the role of a Paramedic and the role of a Shaman.

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The Founder

Karla is a healer and a facilitator dedicated to connecting people to nature and Indigenous wisdom. She founded the Young Shaman Foundation after an eight year journey with traditional Hawaiian healing and Shamanic ceremony. Working within these ancient teachings Karla learnt of the intrinsic connection Indigenous people have to nature and the harmony that this creates within their inner realm and the external environment. She understands that everything is nature and everything living is connected, this holds the key to better health for the whole ecosystem, people and the environment around them. She is passionate about working with women who lead with a deeper awareness of self and environment.

Karla now works predominately with women, creating journeys for healing and connection. Using her foundations of traditional healing and ceremony she crafts experiences that deepen women’s connection to themselves, to nature and to their innate nature. With a decade of practicing Hawaiian healing, Karla naturally creates a space for healing. She also works one-on-one with people using Ka Huna massage and sound to create a transformational ceremony and passageway into self.

This foundation has been born from a deep empathy for people and nature. Karla’s former career was working as an Advanced Care Paramedic in Queensland. Her yearning for returning to a more indigenous way of living and seeing the world led her to leave the medical world and embark on a journey of discovery in 2013. Over four years she sat in ceremony with Shamans and wisdom holders from Peru, Hawaii and Australia. Solely dedicated to learning the traditional ways of medicine men and women, Karla experienced many rites of passage and initiations. These ceremonies and teachings allowed Karla to expand her sensory awareness and deepen her ability to listen to the subtitles of her environment. She came to realise that these abilities naturally arise when we cultivate a deeper connection to nature and Indigenous ways. With this comes a greater compassion and connection to all of life, giving rise to our responsibility as people, as leaders and as women.

The Story ~ Shared by Karla in the Central Desert