MEET-UP – Weaving Our Intention

In Melbourne we come together to share wisdom and insight on rites of passage.
Our intention
Creating community around rites of passage and initiation. Together we explore how the process of transition and transformation.
Who is this for?
Anyone interested in supporting people through transformation – facilitators, parents, teachers, healers
As our group grows and evolves we come to a new way of meeting. After coming together as a group we have decided to begin regular meet-ups with a different member facilitating and sharing each time.
What this looks like:
One member brings to the group a nugget of information and insight on rites of passage. The theme they will choose is based on their passion and what the members are seeking to explore.
The mediums you may wish to choose (but not limited to)…
Storytelling (personal experience, mythology, theology)
Embodied facilitation (experiential)
Art forms (song, dance or painting – based on traditional rites of passage)
Want to be a part of this? Curious?
Come to our meet-up!
Stay connected to the community and upcoming events:
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