Listening Deeply

“We are already connected to nature… we just aren’t listening.”

Our belief that we are not connected, that we are separate from nature is the only thing that stops our ability TO connect.

Those trees, they are always communicating to you, the birds are always bringing messages, it is only in our state of non-listening and inner turmoil that we are unable to hear, and so… we have stopped communicating back.

You notice, when you turn your inward gaze to an animal, when you see them… they see you. When you open your heart and speak to them… they DO speak back.

I have a grandmother tree deep in the bush that I go to when I feel lost and in hardship. Every time I go, she shares a message. I wrap my arms around her, and in those moments I feel the Earth holding me, I feel the depth of nurture in this tree and I know that she has been here a long time. I know that her roots are deep and are in constant communication with all the other roots, all the plants. I know that they too rely on her nurture. And so, when I go to the tree and I feel all of this, I know that I AM connected, I do belong and therefore I AM worthy. I AM strong. I AM able and I DO listen to the language of nature… for I AM NATURE.


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