Launching Place is Launching!

We are a collective of facilitators who have come together to bring some more creative expression into the Yarra Ranges. We are launching in March with a three week series to help you get in your body, have some fun and find your greatest gifts. In this program we will be offering you a space to launch into an empowered sense of being through embodied awareness, movement and connection. We support you to authentically express your true nature in a whole new way.

These programs are for 17-25 year olds, all genders welcome. This is an all inclusive, environment and we support your authentic expressions. We create a space for you to be you and discover more of you!

This is run for community by community, as we are all volunteering our time to make this happen. In our team we have trained counsellors, youth workers and facilitators of dance, embodiment, improvisational theatre, martial arts and healing arts. We have a great deal of experience in facilitating processes that assist people to access emotions and expand self-awareness. We are all about embodiment and integration, so our workshops involve a lot of conscious movement, creativity, expression and awareness in our environment, both internal and external.


Selby Community House: 1 Minak Rd, Selby 3159 VIC (entrance via Charles Street)


Tuesdays 6pm to 8.30pm beginning 7th March ( 7th, 13th, 20th March)

Bookings (required):  Cost: $35


Karla: phone 0437525448 or email [email protected]

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Public Transport

Belgrave Train Station [1.6km walk to venue]

Bus: 695 – Belgrave/Gembrook – stop: Charles St/Belgrave-Gembrook Rd (Selby) [200m walk to venue]

Meet our team

Karla Riddell – Facilitator and Coordinator

Version 3I have seen the power of transformation throughout my own journey in life. With a vast array of experience from emergency medicine and psychology through to embodiment and ancient healing arts, I see what is possible. My passion for working with youth has come out of my own trials and traumas as an adolescent. I know what I needed as a teen and now I am working in collaboration with people who inspire change.

My part in this program is as a lead facilitator and coordinator. I like to create a space that gives full permission for self-expression and emotionality.  My background is in emergency care as a paramedic, so I am great in crisis and supporting people in whatever emotions and traumas they are with. I use my experience in counselling to deeply listen and support people to come into a greater awareness of self and a deeper connection to their environment. I look forward to moving through transformation with you!

Johanna Scott – Facilitator

johannaJohanna is an awareness facilitator. She creates learning opportunities for people to develop their awareness. She does this through facilitating embodied awareness and movement. She has a private practice offering table sessions and workshops in the Melbourne Hills. She is Lead Facilitator at thestilldynamic, an organisation that supports people within social enterprises, for-purpose companies, government departments, community and special interest groups and she is a Facilitator at The Young Shaman Foundation, supporting young people.

Johanna’s passion is supporting people to discover more of themselves, to live a more authentic life and embrace their gifts. Her facilitation invites people into a deeper embodied sense of their reality. She facilitates moments of deep learning or “arh-has” and has an eye for seeing people’s gifts and reflecting them back, so they may see themselves. The spaces she creates are playful, insightful and passionate.



Peter Siahna Wadham – Facilitator and Integrative healer

peetpublicityphotbushcirclePeter is an experienced facilitator who supports people to accept their full selves. He believes that most of the troubles we suffer stem from a pattern of avoiding some part of who we actually are. Peter works skillfully as a deep listener, and then will offer an invitation for the client to look at a rejected part. He helps them to gently re-experience this part, so it can be integrated back into the person’s natural flow, leaving them feeling more resilient and self-accepting in life.

Peter regularly facilitates Labyrinth walks in Healesville with diverse community groups. He has hosted a school holiday program at Scienceworks where the young people created a bunch of sounds that were magically transformed into a musical composition. Peter hosts healing sessions, workshops and dance events where people can come to embrace the sensitive power of being and becoming.



Liarna Conder – Facilitator

liarna-profileLiarna is passionate about supporting youth to access their true sense of self worth and empowerment as they step out into the world as young adults. After facing immense challenges throughout her adolescent years she steps into the space with deep compassion for all stories and all walks of life. Her greatest intent is to create a safe, supportive container for youth to be truly seen, heard and met with compassion and non judgment.

Liarna has been facilitating workhops for youth in high schools to support mind/body awareness and authentic expression. She has a strong background in movement practices such as dance and yoga which she brings to the space as a means of exploration and connection. She sees the adolescent years as imperative years in which nurturing and guidance towards safe and healthy resources is of significant importance.

Kristen West – Facilitator and Youth Worker

kristen-profileI am passionate about helping youth to recognise their inner voice and empower them to listen to their heart and soul. With personal experience with children in out of home care and professional experience with foster care case management I have seen both sides of how young people face struggles in growing up, responsibilities and hardship. Fitting in and finding themselves is at times a foundation to finding happiness and peace.

Now practicing therapeutic massage and studying complimentary therapies I strive to assist young people to achieve inner balance, live in harmony with others and be happy and confident in their own skin. I utilise therapeutic activities to help youth to identify areas needing attention and gently guide them to make positive change. Meditation and art & craft are great avenues to self discovery while setting goals to reach homeostasis within.