Local Culture & Custodians

We acknowledge the Mirrawoong people as the traditional owners and custodians of the Kimberley region, the land that will hold us on our journey, heal us and help us remember.

Meet Juju Wilson

Juju is an Elder of the Mirrawoong people, for eons her ancestors have walked this land, this country surrounding Kununurra is in her DNA.  Her mother was born at Ivanhoe Station and her Grandmother in the Keep River National Park, by growing up and listening to her mother and grandmother’s stories and looking at the rock art Juju has been able to connect deeply with her ancestral Country.   She is an artist who enjoys painting the local animals and for years she has taken visitors on tours of the amazing rock art in the region in some cases amongst the worlds oldest artworks.  Juju has been passed the ability to make and play the Didgerdoo, she is also a Mapan which is the local word for traditional healer and she does amazing healing work for both Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people.

Juju will have some of her artworks for sale and will be available to do healings for a donation.  It is not the tradition to ask for money, but we live in a very resource poor area and so all donations are gratefully received.

Your Journey


A gently ease into local culture and land, we come together in a welcoming ceremony.

We begin to feel the land and its waters with a trip to the river.



We have the honour of hearing stories of creation and learning how indigenous connect with land and spirit.

A guided art process using traditional Ochres from the land.

-Guided by Edna (Local lore holder and artist)



We will learn from Juju her story and be taken on a process of deep enquiry into our own connection to ancestry and the spirit of the land.

-Guided by Juju (local Healer & wisdom holder)



A morning of mediation and reflection – tuning in to our self and our own connection to nature.

Evening fire ceremony – setting our intentions and sharing as women


A morning of mediation and reflection.

Half day adventure to a special local waterfall – In this sacred place we will connect with the water.



On our final day we come together in council, as women to share our story and our journey. We will end the day with a special ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge each others journey.



We say our goodbyes. Those who choose to stay will continue their journey on the land through permaculture and community connection. Women are invited to stay for as long as they feel to (through prior agreement).

*Yes, we do pick you up and drop you the airport.

THE KIMBERLEY – The land of fire and water

Your Facilitator 

Hi, you have already met me, but here are a few things that you probably don’t know…

I have a decade of experience in traditional healing, beginning my path as a healer when I was 19. Early on in my life I chose to walk in-between the worlds of everyday western culture and the unseen world of spirit. While I was training in traditional Hawaiian healing arts I was also training to become an advanced care paramedic. Even now in my sole dedication to returning people to their native selves, I still maintain a connection to that delightful “mainstream”. I am the founder of the not-for-profit organisation, The Young Shaman Foundation and I continue to maintain my professional business aptly named Sacred Huna Healing.

Early on in my adult life, I was lucky to travel the world and sit in ceremony with significant Shamans across different cultures. I feel most blessed however to be born on this land, the ancient lands of Australia. I am deeply rooted here and I have dedicated the last 5 years to understanding the indigenous ways of connection.

In my facilitation you will come to see, that all of my guidance is an invitation into yourself and your own connection to land and spirituality. I have had the privilege of been a radical independent woman, stumbling over many road blocks and coming across some harsh learnings. All of which I am grateful for.

The ability to be the navigator of ones own world continues to be at the forfront of my facilitation. So be ready to be radically you and… be ready to surprise yourself with your ability to clearly and concisely navigate your journey of connection!

Your journey

I have carefully crafted this experience based on the land, the elders and of course, my own experience in both facilitating and life. I pledge dedication to listening to the needs of the land, the elders, the spirits of the land and each to your individual needs as sovereign women and sentient beings, to the best of my ability.

“It is always the land and the elders that call forth womens work. My job is simply to listen and align myself to this intention and to the women who are being called.”

In gratitude,  Karla Riddell