Welcome home women

You are invited into the heart of the Kimberley, to sit with local elders and embark on a journey of remembering.

The Kimberley is ancient land where fire and water meet. With cascading waterfalls, dramatic gorges and wide rivers. The sun shines bright and hot, radiating like fire. In this place, you can’t help but be inspired by the beauty of nature, a reflection of our own nature as women.

For six days we will gather as women. Sleeping under the stars, walking the land and listening to Indigenous culture.

The intention is…

To bring women together to listen to Indigenous story to learn their connection to country.

Spend time in reflection to connect to self and rekindle your connection to nature.

Authentically create nurturing change in your world and the world around you.

It looks like…

Hearing stories from indigenous elders and learning their spiritual connection to the land

Sitting in circle as women to share our stories and learn from each other

Adventuring into waterfalls, rivers and gorges

It feels like…

Deeply connecting to the land

Being supported by a tribe of women (each other)

Feeling a sense of belonging

The Transformation…

This deep immersion in nature supports you back to your natural state of being – coming home to self and remembering your belonging to the natural world as a woman.

The practicals 

We will be a small group of 8-12 women 

You have two options for accomodation:
You can sleep in a swag under the stars
or/ glamping – a comfortable bed in a spacious bell tent

There are showers and toilets

Food – nourishing meals and tasty vegan snacks with an abundance of tropical fruit.
When we share meals with the local Indigenous women you have the option to eat their traditional foods of kangaroo and root vegetables cooked in a ground oven.

There is lots of down time to swim in the river and sit in silence on the land.

The weather is warm! 20-30 degree days we spend time swimming in rivers and gorges ~ pack as if you are heading on a tropical holiday!


 7th-14th May, 2022


Kununurra, WA


Local Culture & Custodians

We acknowledge the Mirrawoong people as the traditional owners and custodians of the Kimberly region, the land that will hold us on our journey and help us remember.

Your Journey

The Arrival

We welcome you in with a warm fire, cups of tea and our first meal together.

Holly our host will give us an introduction and will share the protocol of what is respectful for the local Indigenous women.

Around the camp fire we will share stories together.

The Landing

With a slow start to the morning we gently wake up to the day and introduce ourself to the land as we take a walk to the river.

We come together in circle to have our first check in as a group as we share our intentions for the gathering.

In the afternoon we meet with our first local Indigenous woman to hear her story and learn some foundational cultural lore. A nourishing afternoon with damper and tea with plenty of time to explore the special local spring… and swim.

Nights under the stars

Our nights are spent listening to the sweet sound of guitar and singing as our lead supporter is a musician.

Around the camp fire we share stories and debrief on the day. Each night you get the opportunity to sleep by the fire under the star lit sky… by the end of this gathering I guarantee we will all be out under this star canopy… simply irresistible!

3 Days of culture

Listen to the local Indigenous woman share their culture through story.

Learn what connection to country means from an Indigenous perspective.

Understand the kinship systems and how this 100,000 year old culture informs their daily life.

See their artworks and hear their stories of why they paint and the rich meaning behind it.

Share in traditional foods of damper, kangaroo and root vegetables cooked in a ground oven ~ their way!

The Integration

We take time in nature to sit and reflect on the days of listening and learning from the local women.

In circle we speak to new found learnings and what has been arising from our time together.

Naturally, the main part of the integration comes from exploring the landscape and connecting to nature herself. We venture into gorges and cascading waterfalls, with boab trees and rocky hill tops. A deep immersion with the country.

Preparing for the onward journey

By the final days we have created a cosy cocoon together. Our conversations have deepened and our circles have uncovered wisdom for our life’s journey.

Our final night by the fire is rich in story, as we share together our new tapestry of life. Our weaving of Indigenous culture, connection to the land, the bonds of new friendships and a renewed sense of self coming together to prepare us for the return home… for some, it could be the beginning of a new chapter in life, for others it may be as simple as deepening connection to your homeland and family. There is no doubt, the simplicity of nature and the 100,000 year old culture and knowledge of Indigenous connects us back to our self and our belonging.

Welcome home women

“The Gathering was a beautiful experience that somehow managed to be relaxed and intense at the same time, with many moments that I can only describe ‘epic’. I experienced and witnessed some profound and beautiful healing that I will never forget, and left the Kimberley feeling a deep sense of connection to the land and a bond to the women with whom I had gathered with. I also returned home with a deep respect and appreciation for Indigenous culture which I often connect with and feel through my body and my heart.”
Nattalie Xerri – Change Management Consultant


*This photo of Nat was taken during the gathering. This was a slow warm afternoon at camp where we took time to rest and reflect.

Your Facilitator 

Hi, my name is Karla Riddell. Most of you have probably already met me. Here are a few more things that you probably don’t know though…

I have a decade of experience in traditional healing, beginning my path as a healer when I was 19. Early on in my life I chose to walk in-between the worlds of everyday western culture and the unseen world of spirit. While I was training in traditional Hawaiian healing arts I was also training to become an advanced care paramedic. Even now in my sole dedication to returning people to their native selves, I still maintain a connection to that delightful “mainstream”. I am the founder of the not-for-profit organisation, The Young Shaman Foundation and I continue to maintain my professional business aptly named Sacred Huna Healing.

Early on in my adult life I was lucky to travel the world and sit in ceremony with significant Shamans across different cultures. I feel most blessed however to be born on this land, the ancient lands of Australia. I am deeply rooted here and I have dedicated the last 5 years to understanding the indigenous ways of connection.

In my facilitation you will come to see, that all of my guidance is an invitation into yourself and your own connection to land and spirituality. I have had the privilege of been a radical independent woman, stumbling over many road blocks and harsh learnings. The ability to be the navigator of ones own world continues to be at the forfront of my facilitation. So be ready to be radically you and… be ready to surprise yourself with your ability to clearly and concisely navigate your journey of connection!

Your journey

I have carefully crafted this experience based on the land, the elders and of course, my own experience in both facilitating and life. I pledge dedication to listening to the needs of the land, the elders, the spirits of the land and each to your individual needs as sovereign women and sentient beings, to the best of my ability.

“It is always the land and the elders that call forth womens work. My job is simply to listen and align myself to this intention and to the  women who are being called.”

In gratitude,  Karla Riddell

More Testimonies

” It was such a privilege also to feel connection with the indigenous elders that shared their culture, I really got to witness their connection to the land through the ceremonies and in listening to their stories.”
Jaclyn Cunningham – Founder and facilitator of Radiant Woman
“Going up to the Kimberley’s was a big part of my own spiritual quest, it was a deep inner calling. Connecting to the land and the indigenous women, I felt a deep sense of belonging, like a homecoming.”
Brittany Jane – Founder and facilitator of the Earthbody Movement


“The Saturday just passed, Karla spoke. She mesmerised us with her thoughtful, calm cadence. She grounded us with her story about real, visceral relationship with nature. We all walked out feeling part Earth.”
Jarrah – Editor of The Weekly Service     
“Karla is guided both by her intensive training and by her intuitive feel, resulting in a beautiful and deeply feminine practice that allows for the presence of spirit.”
~ Djulz

THE KIMBERLEY – The land of fire and water