You are invited into the heart of the Kimberly, to sit with local elders and embark on a journey of remembering.

The Kimberly is a special place. It is ancient, wild and rugged, the place of creation. A land where fire and water meet, our deepest creations arise and we remember our innate abilities as women.

For six days we will be fully immersed in our natural environment. Sleeping under the stars, walking the land and sitting in ceremony together.


It looks like…

Hearing stories from indigenous elders and learning their spiritual connection to the land.

Sitting in ceremony as women, coming into council to reflect and deepen our collective journey.

Walking and sitting on the land in deep listening

Adventuring into waterfalls, rivers and gorges.


It feels like…

Returning to our natural state of being – coming home to self and remembering our belonging to the natural world.

Remembering our nature as women

Coming into deep listening and expanding our sensory abilities

Connecting to nature and the spirit of the land

Feeling the support of tribe as we journey deep within

Feeling connected to all of life and seeing clearly our place in the web of life


The intention is…

To bring women together in a land that supports the rising of our creativity and the deepening of our emotional and spiritual connectivity.

This journey is for you to connect to your creative life force as women. To come into your strengths and innate abilities. To stand strongly in your truth to authentically create nurturing change in your world and the world around you.


July 22nd-26th 2019



Kununurra, WA