Heaven on Earth

We as people, came from the Earth. We learnt our language from the animals and gave reverence to all things living. We worshiped nature, the mother of all things.

In time, the people wondered to far away lands and a new culture emerged. Ego began to grow and people were no longer satisfied in worshipping nature. So we began to look to the skies, for god, for divine, for something more. We no longer found heaven on earth, and so we began to worship god. We began to look to the skies for our knowledge, for our nourishment. We began to call on far away spirits, seeking more power. In worshiping god we began to turn our gaze only to the stars. Mother nature was forgotten, as the people sought heaven in the skies.

The more we looked up, the more we forgot our connection and belonging to the Earth, instead we longed for power, for divine presence, for more. We now looked outside of our self, and sought to conquer other lands and use other resources. We built empires, trained armies and grew our tribes to be bigger, better and stronger for battle and war. The more we raged war and sought more, the more we became filled with envy and greed. New technologies were dreamed in to cope with such expansive populations, and eventually, the Earth as our mother was abandoned, sought now only for resources, reverence was forgotten. The water became poisoned, land became baron, and walls were built high. We became separated, isolated, self-absorbed and yet, abandoned ourselves in the same way we abandoned the Earth.

In all of this time, through all of the destruction of forgetting, wise ones always remained. Through lifetimes they sat in reverence, still worshipping the Earth, still caring for her, singing to her, dancing for her. They knew, that one day the people would begin to remember their origins. They knew, that one day, the people would again turn to the elders, the custodians. They knew that one day the people would long for home.

This time is upon us, no longer can the emptiness be filled with the seeking of divine and new things. No longer can we look outside of ourselves to feel whole. The time has come, to return to the wise ones, to remember our belonging to this Earth, to remember we came from the Earth and will return to the Earth. The time has come, to return to human nature, to reverence and wholeness. May we care for the Earth, may we cease the pillaging and reckless abandon. May we seek heaven in Earth and worship what we have right in front of us.


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