FEAST for the Young Shaman Foundation

FEAST for the Young Shaman Foundation

WELCOME to a feast of abundance for you and the Young Shaman Foundation.

You receive:
Lovingly prepared lunch
Connected conversation
Hearty music
Spoken word
The heart song of the Young Shaman Foundation

Our intention:
Foundations were never meant to be founded and run by one person. It takes a community to do community work. I am seeking support from my community to build an eco-system… not another empire.

“After 6 years of fully dedicating myself to this mission, I have come to a point of haveing nothing more to give to it. My heart still yearns to keep singing this into creation… and so, I give abundantly, to turn my story around. I ask for the support of my community to see what we can sing together, what we can dream together, to support our leaders and women.”

Systemic change in Australia through eco-centric, authentic leadership

To initiate young leaders through connecting them to country, culture and community.

Does this resonate for you?
Are you:
Wanting to learn more?
Interested in participating?
Have skills in community building, business, marketing, photography, design… or even filming?
Want your money to go to the seeding of this out into the world?
If so, you are of great value to this community, and warmly welcome to receive this feast for free.

~ Please pre-book so that I can comfortable accommodate everyone. ~

The Young Shaman Foundation story…

This foundation exists to initiate leaders and women back to the Earth, so that they may remember their belonging to nature, and return to their natural state of being. From this place, we begin to live in harmony with all of life. We see our place, our responsibility and we find deeper connection.

For millennia rites of passage have existed for this very purpose. We can see what happens when our leaders are ego-centric and immature in their leadership. With deep connection, comes true empathy and solid foundations.

You are invited to receive this feast, to hear the story of the Foundation, to be enchanted by hearty music and inspired through human connection.

Here is my story…

“Relentless struggle has taught me one thing… I need tribe.”

Foundations were never meant to be founded and run by one person. The Young Shaman Foundation came to me in 2012, in delirium and fatigue from a double night shift working as an advanced care paramedic. Exhaustion turned to elevation and I began to put together the building blocks immediately.

After 6 years of learning on the run, of hard hits and dwindling savings, I finally came to a place where I had nothing left. I realised I had literally given my everything to this foundation… knowing that if I did not build it, I would be left empty of purpose, my soul forever yearning.

There is something that I have gained, apart from a little wisdom. I have realised the necessity for community and generosity… and this is where I begin to turn my story around.

On Saturday the 12th May I will hold a feast for the foundation. In generosity comes abundance, so I will be generously putting time, plants and art into a loving offering for anyone drawn to the vision and mission of the Young Shaman Foundation.

In gratitude,
Karla Riddell

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