Earthdance for Women ~ CACAO CEREMONY

Earthdance for Women ~ CACAO CEREMONY

Cacao is a heart medicine, opening our beings to the power of love. The spirit of this plant can guide us home to heart, to find our resting place in self and remember the wisdom within. Ceremony brings us together, connects us to the Earth and returns us to reverence, to our connectivity to all of life.

In meditation we will connect to the spirit of this plant, drinking in stillness and reverence. This ceremony will be guided by intuitive sounds, with the invitation for anyone to join in. With the medicine drum, tribal beats and vocals we will co-create a beautiful accompaniment to the medicine of cacao and an inspirational set list of music to ground our spirit into our body in dance.

We will have The Sound Weaver – Jacinta Percy back! Weaving her voice & improvised music into the ceremony. She will guide us to open our voices to bring our intentions into life.

This is an inclusive event for people who identify as and live as women. As a meditation and movement practice there is no need for dance experience. All women welcome here.

What to bring:
Water and an offering of fruit to share afterwards.

Please note:
* If you have any heart conditions it is recommended to take smaller doses of the cacao. As a heart activator it does increase heart rate. The same applies for anyone on anti-depressants as it does increase dopamine and norepinephrine in the body ~ also referred to as the bliss molecule. So it is no surprise that a heart activating plant gives us the feeling of love and happiness on a biological level.

Saturday 29th June, 7pm-10pm


CERES, corner Roberts st and Stewart st, East Brunswic, VIC

Venue: In the Learning Centre – –

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Contribution $55 (concession rates available)
*Where there is cacao, there is generosity… we open our doors to all women. If you cannot afford a ticket get in touch with me, Karla.

Pre-bookings only
* Booking will close midday Saturday 22nd June – this is when the ceremony and preparation of the Cacao begins!


Earthdance is a meditation and movement practice inspired by the Australian landscape. It was conceived and first facilitated in Alice Springs in 2016 when I was on a journey of listening and following my connection to indigenous and country.

We come together monthly, in collaboration with local musicians. Our meditation is a guided meditation with live music and our movement is an exploration of how we are moved by our emotion – energy in motion. This is a ceremony, to return to our nature and reconnect to the Earth beneath our feet.

Held at CERES, Brunswick East, VIC

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