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A refreshing change has come through as I have now discovered that I am a community investor. Here is how…
Since 2012 I have been doing everything in my power to support my foundation. I now say I am in service to the Young Shaman Foundation as I am dedicated to the success of this foundation supporting the health of the community. I have done it all… all the training, all the set up, all the promotion, the networking and the creation and delivery of programs. This is thousands of hours, thousands of dollars all invested for the good of others. And now I ask for the support of the community to help me sustain this life long dedication to supporting healthy communities.
This is my story of the motivation behind this life long dedication:
In 2012 I was in the midst of my paramedic career, over worked and under slept I still had a burning and a yearning to help people before they reached the health crisis that my profession attended daily.
The idea to create a foundation to support healthy communities and ecosystems came to me one day as I walked through my front door in a state of delirium after a series of extremely fatiguing night shifts. Suddenly I saw before me my place in supporting the health of people, through a new way. From this day it took me three years of training, travelling and building the foundation until it was finally solidified enough to launch out into the world.
I invested money and time into training in counselling, rites of passage and facilitation. I travelled learning traditional ancient ways of healing and also experiencing healthy communities in some of the poorest countries in the world. I sought out professionals to support me in the development of the foundation and some how landed myself a wife who had an incredible ability at building social enterprises from the ground up. Credit to Johanna Scott for your incredible support and involvement in laying such strong foundations for the Young Shaman Foundation.
In 2015 I began developing programs and rites of passage after my return from the central Australian desert. Since this time I have been working full time on program design and promotion. I began to get busier and busier, endlessly working to nourish all the seeds that I had planted and put in place for the support of healthy ecosystems.
This year I reached a point where I realised my financials where reaching a critical level. I began feeling like I was fighting for my life and began pulling out of my six day a week commitment to the foundation. I re-invested into my healing business to find clients so that I could keep “earning a living”.
Today I pledge to no longer need to fight for my life in my eternal dedication to supporting healthy communities. Today I ask for the community to support me.
The best contribution you could make is in booking yourself in for a Ka Huna massage. It could just be the best money you ever invest in yourself… as it supports me to support the community.
To find out more about the Ka Huna massage I offer you can follow my Sacred Huna Healing website:
I also invite you to become a sponser. I see money as the life blood to this foundation and the people are the foundation. You can make a one off investment, fund a program or be a dedicated member and donate yearly. All contributions go directly into the work of supporting healthy communities. You can donate here.
We will also soon be launching a crowd funding to support the first local rite of passage… stay tuned.
Thank you for taking the time and heart to read my story. Thank you, for helping me support healthy ecosystems.


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