CIRCULAR ~ The nature of all things

CIRCULAR ~ The nature of all things

It perplexes me that we have attempted to make everything around us linear, such a creation of the mind. Things in straight lines, neat rows and stripping out the nature of all things. The feminine inside of me pushes back against linear, the indigenous inside of me brings all things back to nature.

As a woman I have never felt at ease in the world of linear and intellect. I have felt dominated and wronged, sometimes shamed. The one thing that brought me back to healthy alignment was nature herself. From this place, I was able to be in my own nature, working with the cycles of my body, of the environment and even the cycles of the human world around me. Eventually, I stopped giving away my power, stopped been ruled by money and fear, and started walking my own path. Along this path I have learnt about this notion of circular, a wisdom that has been lost in colonisation and patriarchy. I have allowed myself to be re-educated by nature and by the wisdom of indigenous culture. This is what I have learnt in the practice of deep listening and observation.


Nature and the seasons

All things of nature are intricately linked to another, it is a living organism, and guess what, we too are nature, intricately connected to all of life. We might live in separate boxes and see our self as separate to the natural world, but the physicality of our animal body will never be separate. We are weaved in through the web of life, without this connection, we cannot survive.

Nature responds to the cycles of the seasons, the animals respond to the cycles of the seasons and so do we! For me, winter signals to me to turn inward, to rest and to dream. This is the time when the roots of the tree grow down, so too do my roots. This is also the time where I wish to be massaging more, in a warm space, giving the nurture and nourishment of this healing practice.

Spring signals to the seeds of dreaming to immerge, my body opens and my energy begins to turn back out to the world, to be active in my environment. I socialise more and co-create, this for me is the best time to deliver my re-connection retreats out in nature.

Summer signals to my spirit to blossom, to flow. I feel lightness in my body and highly spirited. This is the time for me to rejoice and celebrate life. I yearn to spend my days outside, sleeping under the stars and feeling my dreams come to life. This is the best time for me to be on break, to have holy days.

Autumn signals to me to slow down and begin returning inward. This is the best time for me to plant my seeds in the soil, so that they can grow their roots in the winter and sprout in the spring. This is my busiest time, as I do all the behind the scenes work for my foundation, literally building the foundations of website, messaging, and networking. I spend my days inviting people into my work.


The feminine way

To me, the feminine way is another way of saying the natural way. We as women are blessed to have very physical cycles. We did once all cycle with the moon, but with the influence of separatism, our cycles too now do their own thing. Anciently speaking, women had a very important role in the tribe, very distinct from men. They would literally nurture life, they were the food bearers and carers and often the healers of the village. They were also the feelers and represented the Earth, they were the voice of nature.

The qualities of woman to me, that are so critical in today’s world are: intuitive, collaborative, sensitive to peoples needs and, still the voice of nature. We feel the Earth, we feel each other. To hear the words moody, overly sensitive, irrational… they are simply an attempt to dis-empower in a mentally dominant world. My fiercely passionate work is centred around connecting women back to their natural abilities and supporting them back into their power. We need women to lead as women, now more than ever!


The indigenous way

I begin here by saying I am not indigenous to this land, but I am indigenous to this Earth. What my own indigeneity shows me, is my intricate connection to nature, my role as a woman and my responsibility as a human of the Earth. It is this connection that moves me through the world. It opposes the western world, it moves me to speak out about the destruction of the planet and the suppression of the feminine way. It urges me to live out my gifts, to contribute and to be generous, to be a giver, not a taker. When I am connected to my wild self, which honestly is a challenge. I seem to only occupy my wild self when I am in nature or in ceremony…

So when I am connected to my wild self, I become an activist for all things sacred. I hold life with reverence and appreciation, taking nothing for granted. I am guided by nature, I listen and hear the whispers of nature. I connect with the animals, I speak to their spirit and they speak to mine. In this space I also receive the wisdom of my ancestors, of my spirit, of the spirit of the land and of my past lives…


Circular time

Abstract to the mind, but ever so real, circular time is a powerful place to be. When I experience circular time I have access to incredible knowledge and knowing. I listen to the spirit of people, to my elders, and I have access to all of my past lives. This is a place of absolute oneness, a connection to everything that ever was and ever will be. When I touch this, I see how telepathy is possible, I even touch this ability. I would not say, that I am one to explain what circular time is, but perhaps through sharing my experience, you can sense it, and even relate.


Circular Leadership — aligning to natures way

This has become my greatest passion, a life long learning and dedication. To me, circular cannot be taught, so I don’t ever claim to teach it. I create experiences for people to discover this way of being for themselves. I guess you could call it self-empowerment and self-realisation. This is how I have learnt and grown in my life, nature shows what is true, what is natural and what gives life.

Nature has it’s own cycles; death, new life, germination, growth, decay. Nature is circular, when we as humans connect with our inner nature and the outer nature, we align to the natural rhythms of all things living. I believe that this is how indigenous cultures maintained healthy people and healthy environment for more than 100,000 years and this is why, I will always say, to truly restore our connection to the land and the spirit of the land we need the wisdom of our indigenous elders.

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