Ceremony – A Human Need

Ceremony has been used for thousands of years to connect people back to nature and spirit. It unveils the great mysteries of life as we reunite with our spirit, an all knowing all seeing place where we can touch everything, feeling our connection to all of life.

Ceremony is a vital part of reconnecting us back to the web of life, to humanity, to the natural world and the unseen world. It is a sacred space where we reach beyond the binds of our human existence and touch the mystery of life, or, as I would say, the magic.

Traditionally ceremony was a time of giving back and giving gratitude. It is a time where we recognise that life is a gift and that we have responsibility as people of the Earth to always live in harmony. In harmony we never take for granted all that gives us life; the water, the nourishment of plants, the air that we breathe, the animals that we sacrifice. In ceremony we sit in the sacred, the sacred self, the sacred other, the sacred earth with reverence for life.

This deep need for reverence and the sacred runs through every human being.  It is how we as humanity remember that our existence is more than this body and our routine lives. We yearn for connection to tribe, to nature and to our wholeness.

I have had the great honour of connecting through traditional ceremony for my whole adult life. I was 19 when I first entered into ceremony and ancient healing techniques. It was a profound coming home for me, and since then it has been my life dedication, creating ceremony for people to reconnect and remember.


As a woman living in our current world, I see the profound strength and empowerment that is created when women come together in ceremony. Women have been coming together, sharing stories and “women’s secrets” since human existence. In these ceremonies I feel time bend and I find we connect to these ancient ways through the simple action of coming together with strong intention and presence. As I come to see the transformation that arises from this feminie space, I have naturally found myself holding women’s only spaces. I believe this is because we are coming into a time where women are standing in their power as women, rather then bending into a more driven, business dominant way of being.

Holding women’s spaces is how I support the rise of the feminie, in every way, not just in women. I also see the power of men’s sacred ceremony, and when men learn to be men and women learn to be women, I believe we will see the day that we walk side by side as equals. No more will women need to fit the mould of a man to be successful… the world needs both feminie and masculine.

I have shared this article as I realise if this is my “job” and dedication in the world, I probably need to support people to see why it is so vital. If you resonate with this, if you have a soul yearning for sacred ceremony I would love to be in touch with you.

Here is all that I offer:

Ceremony just for you!

Using ancient Hawaiian healing I create a ceremony for you with massage, sound and hot stones. This is a 3 hour ceremony for anyone who is needing nurture and greater connection to self. Grounding, empowering, and meditative you will come into greater clarity of your life purpose and your deeper needs for self care.

Sacred Huna Healing


Here are the group ceremonies I will be facilitating over the next year ~ For now these are all women’s spaces:


Earthdance – A meditation and movement practice inspired by the Australian landscape.

Cacao Ceremony (Saturday 22ndSeptember)

Web of connection (Friday 26thOctober)


Kimberly Connection – A six day gathering for healers and facilitators to connect to the wildness of the land and the wisdom of the indigenous. (East Kimberley WA, July)

Women in leadership gathering – A six day ceremony for women to connect to their nature through indigenous story, women’s wisdom circles and nature immersion. (Mullumbimby NSW, October)

All of these ceremonies can be found on the Young Shaman Foundation website


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