Community Investor

A refreshing change has come through as I have now discovered that I am a community investor. Here is how… Since 2012 I have been...

A New Way of Initiation

As a founder and a facilitator of the Young Shaman Foundation I often have people question… are you initiated? The best way to answer this...

Shamaness – A day of becoming

Shamaness – A day of becoming

A day of embodied transformation for young women aged 12-17 with meditation, movement and inspiration.

Wednesday 12th April 12am-4pm
Richmond VIC

A message from the Founder

A message from the Founder

In this video Karla talks about what the Young Shaman Foundation has to offer; reaching teens, facilitators and sponsors. She also tells her personal story of why the foundation came to be.

Launching Place

A three week series for anyone aged 16 to 25 ready to discover more in their everyday world. We use music, movement and art to explore our innate wisdom and authentic expression.
Beginning Tuesday 7th March at the Selby Community House


We are a not-for-profit and aim to have our support accessible to as many young people in need as we can. The more funds we...

Young Tribe Dance

Come and dance with your tribe with Earth Dance - Starting this full moon!
17th September @ 4pm
Kia Kaha - 42b McBride St, Cockatoo

The Beginning

The Beginning

This foundation has been birthed from a place of deep compassion and integrity. Today the Young Shaman Foundation comes into form after four years of...