Becoming Human – Reclaim your life

“Re-discover the power of self through ancient practice and embodiment.”

Discover more of you, as you uncover who you are at the core. This workshop is highly experiential to help you access your abilities as human. We look at all the human senses as a pathway to greater awareness and understanding. Using movement practices, meditation and embodiment processes we access more of our abilities as human beings. We “be” present with our emotions, beliefs and stories and find the truth. It is a process of letting go so we may live out our truth and integrate all of our being as we live life, fully.

“One of the biggest challenges of living in today’s society is to be present. When we are present, every human birthright becomes possible. This is the teachings of ancient practice, it is what our ancestors have always known.”

The Day Ahead

Introduction: we begin in circle to connect and share the day ahead


You will be guided through breathwork to drop out of the mental body and into the sensory, feeling body. Re-connect with body wisdom and the senses through a guided meditation practice.


Tune into a deeper layer of your body’s wisdom and your sensory abilities through guided movement processes. Integrate this in your daily life using common daily activities, with shamanic ways of being. Feel more of your intuition and your potential.


We look at the beliefs and stories that hold us back, peeling away the delusion so we may live more freely. Reimage your life with a new sense of who you are.


We affirm our selves and our truths through written word and spoken word. In being witnessed we prepare to leave the cocoon and be accountable to living life grounded in our truth, so that we may reclaim our life.

This workshop is a space to begin your journey of remembering and deepen your connection to who you are. It is the start of a series of workshops that prepare you for a traditional rite of passage. You can find out more about the rite of passage on our workshop page.

About the facilitators

Karla & Johanna are co-Founders of the Young Shaman Foundation. They are also healers, running private practices in Melbourne. Both have a lived experience of transitioning from mainstream society into a deeper reconnection with spirit in their daily living.

Karla Riddell

Karla integrates Hawaiian, Perivian and Australian shamanic practices into her daily life. She draws on her experience as a paramedic and embodiment facilitator to create transformational rites of passage that support people to reclaim their life. Seeing rites of passage in the every day, Karla brings through a new way of being, by embracing transformation and letting go of fear to come back to the simplicity of love and presence. Gentle by nature and strong in heart, Karla supports your journey, so that you may be the navigator of your own world.


Johanna Scott

Johanna has a deep living connection with Indian awareness and compassion traditions. She draws on her experience as a management consultant in business and with non-profit organisations to feel the embodied experience of love and fear. She discovered her own path to returning to loving embodiment in her way of living. Now she creates learning opportunities for people to discover more about themselves and return to a deeper connection with themselves as love. She has a big heart, a soft nature and a steadiness that reflects so others may see.


You can find out more about us on our community page

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