We understand that many of the concepts and healing modalities this foundation offer may be unfamiliar to parents and carers. We welcome parents into this space and we are always happy to take the time to hear your concerns and offer more information on what we do. This page provides information to parents and carers who wish to learn more about what the foundation provides.

A supportive community

The Young Shaman Foundation is a community open to all whom seek to further their spiritual growth and gain a deeper understanding of self. Our focus is on supporting and guiding youth on their own journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. We believe that within each person is an innate wisdom and divine talent that can be tapped into and brought into action. Our workshops and mentors provide pathways for youth to access these gifts and to bring them out into the world.

The Young Shaman Foundation Community not only provides a platform for support, but also gives the young person a sense of belonging. We are an all-inclusive community and hold a space of non-judgment and complete love and acceptance for each individual. We believe that when a young person can develop a sense of belonging in the world, everything else in their life is supported. They are able to relate to people on a deeper level improving their relationships and they hold a greater capacity to connect to people and the environment around them.

A safe community

We understand our duty of care when working with young people and we take their safety and health seriously. Our focus is on creating a safe and nurturing environment. Each person affiliated with the Young Shaman Foundation has been through a screening process, to ensure their work is safe and effective. While our focus is on spiritual growth, we do not neglect the physical needs of the body.

The Foundation is also constantly building its clinical staff, who have experience in Psychology and Counselling. We aim for a holistic approach in line with the individual’s spiritual, psychological and physical needs.

Rest assured, those who embark on the vision quests and other workshops out in the elements are also well cared for. Karla leads these groups and has a background in the medical world, with 4 years working as a paramedic before beginning the Foundation. Her focus is on holding a safe space and her paramedic experience allows her to hold this space in a balanced way, where all needs of the body, mind and spirit are nurtured.

You can find out more information on Karla through the about page and through her blogs.

For more information about the facilitators follow the practitioners page.

How can I support my child on their journey?

Parents play an integral role in the growth and development of a child’s journey in this world. Children learn many behaviours through their parents and thus are heavily influenced by their home environment. Creating a loving and nurturing home environment is the best way to support your child in this time of rapid growth and transformation. The foundation also provides assistance for parents through external counsellors and psychologists. You can ­contact us for support and referrals.

How can I be involved in the foundation?

Our community welcomes parents, as we believe family to be the core foundation in a young persons development. Parents can choose to be present with the young person in workshops and with some counselling and coaching sessions. There are also opportunities for parents to join the mentoring program as the Foundation is always in need for adults to provide assistance in the space. To find out how you can become an active member of the community contact us.