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The Young Shaman Foundations delivers reconnection retreats around Australia for women, leaders and facilitators ~ the Shamans of the modern day. These retreats connect people to nature, Indigenous culture and the nature within, cultivating eco-centric ways of living and leading in the world.

“The time has come, to reconnect to nature, to listen to indigenous story and remember our wisdom and our belonging to the Earth.”

– Karla Riddell (Founder & facilitator of the Young Shaman Foundation)

Kimberley Connection – Womens Gathering

If you are a woman looking to connect authentically to Indigenous culture in nature,  you are invited to gather with us in the Kimberley.

A fully immersive experience, you sleep under the stars, adventure into stunning gorges and waterfalls and listen and learn from key Indigenous women who will share their culture and stories.

With plenty of time for self-reflection you will deepen your connection to this land and to yourself and you will learn from the oldest living culture in the world!

July 22nd-27th 2019, Kununurra, WA.

“New Way Dreaming is about teaching Aboriginal Culture to White Fellas so they can learn how to look after the country better and understand how to connect to their own dreaming.”

– Senior lore holder, Anangu tribe

Leaders Gathering in the Central Desert

What does it take to lead this country into a new way…

Our Indigenous people carry the oldest spiritual tradition of this world, they carry the origin of humanity.

The Young Shaman Foundation is supporting a new way of leadership in Australia, based on Indigenous ways, a tradition that has preserved and maintained the health of land and it’s people for thousands of years.

We run six day journey’s in the wilderness that are designed for entrepreneurs and pioneers working within social change or environmental advocacy. This journey is a rite of passage into eco-centric leadership. Become a steward of the land and humanity through deep listening practices and ceremony. You will cultivate the abilities to lead with instinct based on the deeper needs of your whole eco-system; nature, community and self. This is your initiation into eco-centric leadership.

Now taking expressions of interest for our 2021 gathering.

Rites of Passage

Rites of passage have been the core of healthy ecosystems since human existence. They are vital to the survival of communities, the environment and individuals.

A rite of passage is a life shift into deeper self-responsibility. It nurtures dedication to steward harmony of the community and environment.

Through the sharing of traditional dreamtime story, indigenous culture and cultivating deeper connection to country, we develop the capacity to become eco-centric… we become initiated as adults, to better lead our community.


Systemic change in Australia through eco-centric, authentic  leadership.


To initiate leaders through connecting them to country, culture and community.

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